Name: Varion Chamberlin
Rank: Captain
Partner:  Victoria
Element: Water
Age: 97
Birthday: 08.04.2020
Hometown: London, UK 
Reference: Deviantart

Captain Varion Chamberlin is a bonded human officer of DAMMED

He is bonded to Victoria .


Varion is pretty easy to understand. The man is attracted to chaos- fighting, aggression, turmoil- you name it, he's interested. A good fight is a good mark in his book, both by officers and recruits. He considers someones strength to be a big part of their overall persona, and if you're weak- well, you're worthless.

A good mind can go so far, and while he does appreciate intelligence, he doesn't particularly care. Use that intelligence to talk your way out of getting your ass kicked and then he'll reconsider his opinion.

Besides all that, he can be rather quick to judge- regardless of intelligence or strength. He very clearly has an affinity and liking towards humans right off the bat- making it harder for demons to get on his good side unless they've proven their worth. He grew up training and learning that demons were bad and while he's been with DAMMED for over 70 years- it's still something he's yet to fully unlearn.

He hardly talks about himself or his history, and a lot of his.. experiences are his own (and his partner by association). He'll talk around questions or redirect a conversation to keep anyone from really learning his first hand story.



TBA LOL (I'm gonna rewrite his history and all for this eventually.)


Bonding and PowersEdit

Partner RelationshipEdit




Other Relationships Edit


  • his past times include bullying and beating up recruits

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