Name: Mira Sassani
Occupation: Street magician
Birthday: Unknown
Hometown: Outside of Soran, Iraq
Reference: Deviantart

Mira Sassani is a citizen of Seryy working as a street performer and magician.


Vivacious, disciplined, and clever. Incredibly decadent with spending money on consumable luxury items despite not having the paycheck to sustainibly afford such items. She has a mischievious side to her as well. 


Hails from outside of Soran, Iraq. She lived there throughout her childhood but as soon as she got the chance when she was old enough, Mira got out and explored the world. She eventually ended up in Seryy after the war was over making money as a performer. She likes to know what's going on around town and tends to gossip about it to random strangers.

Personnel NotesEdit

  • [Information Pending... ... ...]

Relationships Edit


  • Speaks multiple languages including Arabic, Mandarin, and English. She's working on Russian right now.
  • She really likes fine wines and cheeses
  • Very, very adept with slight of hand tricks. Because of this, she's really good at catching pickpockets

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