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Name: Lumina Maria Salvatori
Rank: Private Rookie
Demon (Species): Lumenite
Partner: N/A
Element: Holy
Birthday: ??/??/???
Hometown: Sicily, Italy
Reference: Deviantart

Lumina Salvatori is a demon officer of DAMMED. She is apart of the DAMMED as a Private Rookie.

She is not bonded to anyone at the moment.






Demon FormEdit

She is a tall humanoid of 8'0" with four arms and five pairs of golden wings and a pair of white wings for ears on her head. She has a slender figure with a long slender neck and a golden mask with a blue jewel like eye in the center as well as pointed legs. She has a giant iridescent halo with protruding spikes and crystals behind her.

Human FormEdit

She resembles more of a marble statue with porcelain white skin who stands 5'04". She has her white winged ears from that of her demon form. She has blonde hair and blue jewel like eyes.

Bonding and PowersEdit

Partner RelationshipEdit




Other RelationshipsEdit

  • Aria Salvatori: Mother
  • Gabriel Savlatori: Father
  • Oriana Salvatori: Eldest Sister
  • Angelus Salvatori: Older Brother
  • Constantine: Nephew/Oriana's Eldest son
  • Rafael: Nephew/Oriana's youngest son


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