ELEMENT shadow

The Shadow abyss that consumes and corrupts

Shadow elements have the ability to manipulate corruptions, impurities and not just the absence of light, but the absence of anything.. Below is a list of powers of the shadow element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe.

Active Powers

Umbrakinesis: The ability to control and manipulate already existing shadows.

  • Illusions: The ability to manipulate shadows and distort light in such a way that defies the eyes. A number of things could be create from this.
  • Simulacrum: Shadow manipulated into shapes resembling living things such as people, demons, and animalsor objects such as weapons.

Shadow Walking: The ability to go into and move through shadows.

Passive Powers

Holy Power Sensitivity: Some users of the shadow element are harmed by the light or healing effects of holy users. This comes from the fact that shadow and holy demons are the most opposite out of all of the elements.

Light Sensitivity: Some users of the shadow element are sensitive to sunlight or other strong light sources. This comes from the fact that shadow is the opposite of light.

Night Vision: The ability to see in low light or complete darkness.

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