Electric elements have the ability to manipulate electrical energy. Below is a list of powers of the electric element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe.

Active Powers

Electrogenesis: The ability to generate electricity.

Electricity Manipulation: The ability to manipulate electrical energy.

  • Bioelectrical Manipulation: The ability to finely manipulate and influence neuroelectrical impulses. Depending on which nerves are hit, a number of effects can take place on the body.
  • Static Cling: The use of static electricity to create cling. This can be use to cling to walls, etc. or to have objects cling to the user.

Technomancy: The ability to manipulate technology.

Passive Powers

Neuroelectric Sensing: The ability to sense the finer electrical impulses of neurons. The user can basically feel the presense of living things with this as well as their movement.

Electrical Current Sensing: The ability to sense electrical currents.

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