Earth elements have the ability to manipulate minerals and rocks. Below is a list of powers of the earth element seen thus far in the DAMMED universe.

Active Powers

Stone and Soil Manipulation: The ability to manipulate stones and soil.

  • Simulacrum: Stone or dirt manipulated into shapes resembling living things such as people, demons, and animals or objects such as weapons.
  • Stone Armor: The ability to surround oneself in stone like a suit of armor. Creating shields around others also falls under this.
  • Planting: The technique of lowering the ground to bury another thing or person.
  • Grounding: The technique of using earth to hold oneself or another person in place.

Sand Manipulation: The ability to manipulate sand.

Glass Manipulation: The ability to manipulate melted or cooled silicon dioxide. Results may vary due to the amorphous structure and frailness of glass.

Gem Manipulation: The ability to manipulate gemstones and crystal formations when they are available.

Metal Manipulation: The ability to manipulate metal ore and alloys both melted and cooled.

Earth Swimming: The ability to bury and move within the earth in such a way that appear that the user is swimming.

Seismic Creation: The ability to send seismic shocks through the surrounding ground.

Passive Powers

Seismic Sensing: The ability to sense the presence of tremors in earth, sand, or metal in the surrounding area.

Earth Identification: The ability to sense the presence and identify specific minerals, metals, and other inorganic materials found in the earth.

Hardened Body: A passive physical characteristic to have hard as rock bones, scales, etc.


  • Chanelling Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson could also be considered an Earth power
    • jk no please don't

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