Humans are one of the two races in the DAMMED Universe. Historically speaking, they are at best ambivalent, at worst hateful of and overall very wary of demons. Most used to view them on the same level as highly dangerous animals and few realized that greater demons, at least, have their own consciousness and will. Following the Treaty of Seryy at the conclusion of the Great Human-Demon War, many war weary humans have thrown aside their prejudices but there remain a vast number of others have not.

Culture and perception

In DAMMED verse, demons have been present throughout history. Much of the world following colonization by the Western world of modern society were hostile towards them, while others--especially in cities and areas with high human population density--ignore them. In a few pockets of indigenous societies, demons in general or single demons were revered and appreciated.

Because of the nature of demons, their longevity and supernatural abilities, humans have spent millennia spinning tales about demons, connecting them in their religions and mythologies or just painting them as plain old monsters and primal fears.

Before the war, the demons of the DAMMED program were seen much the same and treated as abominations and generally sub-human by regular humans. Their human partners are viewed similarly by others of their species and some see them as lower-class citizens or non-humans all together after bonding. After the war, the bonded were revered as heroes and the demon partners earned as much respect as their human counterparts.