The current DEVIL logo

DEVIL (Demon Experimental and Viewing International Laboratories) 
(1950 - current) is an organization founded for the purpose of researching demons. It compromises of a series of laboratories and research facilities worldwide.

DEVIL exists to do more than simply study and record demon behaviors, powers and activity; rather, a large part of the organization is based in trying to duplicate certain aspects of demonology, such as their powers and long life spans. It's through the laboratories that much of demonology and genetic experiments exist, and the research facilities have also been heavily invested in further developing barrier technology developed during the 1970s.


DEVIL was founded in 1950 as an international effort to study demons and demonic powers. The initial efforts of this group were to create devices that would protect the human public from demons but soon after its founding, research on demons began with rather unethical experiments. The organization also began to develop technologies based upon their research on demon powers.

Despite being the main demon research organization at the time, DEVIL did not come to prominence until the 1970s when demon barrier technology was developed and then subsequently designed for mass production. More funding began to pour into the organization and more laboratories began to pop up all over the world to study demons and the effects on the local environment and human populace.

DEVIL continued to expand into the 21st century. The scientists there still performed extremely unethical experiments on lesser and greater demons alike until Justus Friedmann took the position of director in 2014 after the failed transport of DAMMED recruits from the failed project to DEVIL's HQ, Facility 66. All harmful experiments and their designers were subsequently terminated. Shortly after rising to power, Director Friedmann captured the escaped DAMMED recruits bringing them to Facility 66.

Despite the termination of those experiments, demons still harbored ill will towards the organization. When the Great Human-Demon War broke out, Facility 66 was a large target. At this time, the old recruits of DAMMED and several members of DEVIL united under Director Friedmann to reform DAMMED once again.

After the members of the revived DAMMED were driven out of the headquarters by the pressure of multiple human governments, DEVIL continued to assist the small militia force through gifts of developed technologies to improve communication, quality of life, and warfare.

Once the war had ended, DEVIL continues to develop technologies based on demon powers but offering them to a wider market. The organization is no longer limited to human researchers and strives to wash away its dark history by collaborating with DAMMED and other organizations that promote the unity of humans and demons.

Laboratory Facilities and Locations

DEVIL has a multitude of facilities located worldwide.

The most well known is located in Nagasaki, Japan at Facility 66, which acts as their headquarters and is probably their largest facility.


  • The DAMMED Tablet is developed by DEVIL as noted by the logo on it