Demon stones
Power Crystals are semi-precious gemstones that have properties that amplify the elemental abilities of demons and bonded humans. Their amplification abilities attract demons to them like sugar attracts ants regardless of the type of crystal if may be. Some recruits of DAMMED completed a design assignment and have these crystals embedded into medals based on their design.

Types of CrystalsEdit

These crystals come in all shapes and sizes and amplify different element based on their colour. These different colours are similar to the colouring of the uniform ties at DAMMED.

  • Bright Orange: Fire
  • Bright/Dark Red: Blood
  • Brown/Dull Orange: Earth
  • Yellow: Electric
  • Bright Green: Plant
  • Bright Aqua: Water
  • Light Blue: Wind
  • Purple: Shadow
  • Pink: Holy


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