Xipili's Tribute Feast was a roleplay event that took place on May, 2014. In this rp insert blurb here.

The log of this RP can be found here.


Locke and Nehnna were talking together about the newly acquired knife of Locke. Zee appeared from the jungle and asked them what they were thinking about the island.

Nehnna made him understood that there was some troubles for some recruits, requesting shirts and co. Locke was against the idea and was trying to help Nehnna to get out of the coming bad situation she was getting in.

As a result, Zee accepted to provide some goods like clothes to the recruits if Nehnna was offering him something equivalent. She offered herself to him and a feast in honor of his greatness.

I am not sure this summary is complete.

After Effects

  • Nehnna's sacrifice created, or at least amplified, uneasy feelings towards the Blood pair if not the entire Council


  • Zee recieved alcohol (specifically the generator moonshine) at the feast and let himself get drunk. Due to the nature of the Blood element, he can control his blood toxicity.

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