Vesper head
Name: Vesper
Demon (Three Eyed Crow)
Partner: Mahir Nassar
Element: Wind
Age: 60
Birthday: xx.xx. 1956
Area of Origin:
Reference: Deviantart

Vesper is a bonded wind demon who is currently a DEVIL research subject. She was captured for bonding at Facility 66 and is bonded to Mahir Nassar.


Skittish and timid in nature, the subject is easily categorized as submissive and anti-confrontational. However, given the proper environment, the subject can be quite social and approachable. Making friends easily and acclimatizing to a varied amount of personalities, the corvid is fairly simple to get along with. While she has childish moments due to her age, the crow is very loyal to who she cares about and has a tendency to follow others without second thoughts. Resourceful and clever, she works well with her hands and possesses an admirable intelligence given the time and support. 


Born into a clutch with two other siblings, in a nest located on the rocky terrain of Asian mountains, Vesper had the misfortune of being the runt of the litter, as well as a problematic behavioral and physical condition where her body took longer than that of her siblings to fully mature into a juvenile crow. By the time her siblings had left the nest, Vesper was still clinging to her parents for emotional support and survival. 

Her parents, needing to start a new clutch as all birds do, were unsure how to deal with their slow growing child. By all rights, they assumed she wouldn't survive on her own. Eventually they had to make a decision, that decision resulting in Vesper being lured into the hustle and bustle of civilization, and left there to fend for herself. Surprisingly, she did incredibly well once her survival instincts kicked in and she tapped into her dormant gift for scavenging. However, much like many wild animals trying to survive with humans, problems began to occur. 

Reports of a three eyed crow with some strange characteristics were popping up around the large city, mainly due to people feeding her for their own self pleasure and interest. At first, animal organizations entrusted to deal with wild animals didn't believe these claims. When the locals became persistent, someone was sent over to investigate. What they found surprised them, and D.E.V.I.L. was quickly informed and sent over to deal with the problem. Vesper was captured and relocated to Facility 66 for bonding purposes shortly after. 


Subject reacted timidly after being introduced to a variety of demons, but steadily acclimatized to the change. Most of the week prior to bonding was spent for play, social interaction, and exploring. 



Year 1



  • Very limited wind manipulation at the moment.



Demon Form

Human Form


Mahir Nassar

Her partner and at the moment, civil acquaintance. She's steadily trying to broaden her relationship with the individual, but things aren't as simple as she wishes they were.




Not Friends


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