The Arrival at Facility 66 was a roleplay event that took place on March 29, 2013. In this, the bonded pairs arrived at Facility 66.

The log of this RP can be found here.


The bonded's ship arrived at Facility 66, and they were led off facility without much fuss. From here, they were led in single-file into the Subject Residences through the HQ building. The bonded were briefed on the facility's rooming arrangements and led to their respective units.

While there was a great deal of talk, they followed without more than some obligatory muttering. The sole exception to this was Ruben Greene, who began yelling at and stomped on Justus Friedmann's foot after not seeing his lover Jace Barnard among the former recruits. Ruben then showed exactly what happened to those who disobeyed when he got zapped and immobilized by the tracking bracelet all of them had been made to wear.

After that little display, the bonded were left to adjust to their new home.

After Effects

  • Well they're stuck there now for starters.


  • The captured council pairs (Lino & Carter, Eztli & Xipili, and Buck & Cletus) remained separated from the rest of the bonded.
  • Jace Barnard and "Uncle" were also individually housed due to Jace's knowledge of the events that lead to the explosion of the DAMMED base and the sinking of the ship.
  • Shamira Barker and Jenner were, again, housed separately, presumably because of the former's involvement in the military and her willingly aiding the DEVIL invasion.

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