Tap dancing is Clearly Lathyrus's utmost favorite dance, as well as at the main reason why he wanted to become human. He achieved his wish when he joined DAMMED and was bonded to London Knight. He can be regularly seen happily dancing away in unpredictable settings, from the base's hallways to the shallow tide of the island's ocean, with little shame.

Other recruits such as Logan are assumed to also be tap dancers or generally fond of the dance. Clearly has also taught Emma Flynn some tap dancing when he first met her.

Occasions where he is seen tap dancing include during his gun training, combat, and when he was besting the amount of noise he could make with Micro in his demon form.

His creator dreams when DAMMED becomes an anime, there would be special moments when Clearly would have his own dancing scene during an occasional episode. Because yes, it would be amazing.

You mark those words, that dream will come true.

You mark them.

It will thrive.


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