Name: Voldemar Sulev Selma Nurmsalu
Age: 29
Birthday: October 23, 1986
Hometown: Tartu, Tartu, Estonia
Reference: Deviantart

Voldemar Sulev Selma Nurmsalu is an unbonded human who employed as a guard.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Fairly subdued fellow until approached. Then he'll reveal a hair-trigger temper and thick crust of bastard surrounding a nasty bastard interior. He is quick to condemn stupidity but will rarely hold grudges. He's a hard worker and is great at killin' demons. Unfortunately, he doesn't make for the best soldier and sometimes has a hard time obeying orders.



He was born into a large family and joined the Estonian Defense League as a young man. There he spent some time responding to demon attacks and when he left the Defense Force, it was to become a mercenary demon hunter in the Baltiks.

He took a job guarding the passengers on a ship transporting a bunch of demons and weirdo humans from some failed military unit and was more than a little dismayed when it went under.


Boat done fucked his shit up.



  • He has no friends



Not Friends


  • Good with makeshift weapons and bar brawls.
  • Hates JK Rowling for ruining his name.
  • Call him Voldemar and he will cut you.

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