Name: Sophia Petrova
Partner: Tori, previously Rheine
Element: Fire, previously water.
Age: 24
Birthday: October 28, 1991
Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Reference: Deviantart

Sophia "Sophie" Petrova is a bonded human who is currently a DEVIL research subject. She volunteered for bonding at Facility 66 and was previously bonded to Rheine.

She is bonded to Tori, a fire demon.


Often quiet and a bit antisocial, Sophia does her best to be friendly to everyone. A humble personality and usually not much to say (but thinking plenty of things); she is a very intelligent young woman, never really great in school but had a pretty good amount of common sense growing up. Sophia can be extremely passive and unaggressive in most cases, with her own sense of being clever.

Despite all the sweetie goodness and silence Sophia keeps up, she has a very tough skin and can handle most insults thrown towards her by strangers. But a harder time processing insults by friends. She isn't usually one to be resentful but remembers things like an elephant. Sophia also truly wishes to excel at something and will work harder than most people to do so.



Sophia was raised by her stay-at-home father and her step-mother. They lived a decently normal life, her mother however traveled a lot. Her job being a marine biologist and Sophia's mom was good at her job. This left her father and herself alone together for most of her childhood. And he would spend many of his days telling Sophia about his dreams of too being a scientist, despite the lack of money he had to pay for the professions schooling as a young adult.

When time wasn't spent with her father, she was at school. School was fine, she never made many friends, but she passed and eventually graduated. And though the aptitude for science never really was passed to her, Sophia followed it as a hopeful career. In hope to make her father proud and happy that she shared the same interest has him. She moved to the United States as an exchange student.

Sophia took many classes while living in the U.S.A. but none truly caught her interest, when her Zoology professor noticed the disconnect with Sophia he introduced her to some science, humanitarian, etc groups in need of help. One of which catching her eye.


Year 1




  • Tear bending: can cry a lot.




While Sophie sorta recognizes that Rheine isn't too fond of her, she's determined to be a good partner and to become his friend. Hopefully making him proud in the process. And Sophie is very frustrated with mostly herself that he's ignoring her. 




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Not Friends


  • Her hair is dyed, it's naturally dark brown.
  • Bugs are a no.
  • She still has a very strong Russian accent but speaks perfect and fluently English and Russian.

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