Name: Soles
Demon (Wyvern)
Partner: Blair Fukunaga, previously Blake Thompson
Element: Fire
Age: 66
Birthday: xx. xx. 1950
Area of Origin:
Reference: Deviantart

Soles is a bonded fire demon who is currently a DEVIL research subject. He was captured for bonding at Facility 66 and was previously bonded to Blake Thompson.

He is bonded to Blair Fukunaga.


Passionate, but not in the romantic way, the passion displayed is focused toward his dedication to achieving a goal and how enthusiastic he can be about getting there. While this sometimes causes him to stray into obsessiveness, such as his need to hoard shiny objects, it usual remains at much calmer level.

It may seem conflicting that Soles has the ability to be short tempered and have patience, but the two seem to focus on extremely different things. The patience the demon possesses seems to lean entirely toward tasks, as he can become fixated on the thing at hand and dedicate hours to it before he becomes agitated or angry.

Short tempered usually applies when it comes to others. While he has learned what many things are from his bond, the demon himself has simply never been very attached to anyone. The need other people feel to be in his space or to speak with him for long periods of time usually causes anxiety and anger rather quickly.




Year 1





Demon Form

Human Form


Blair Fukunaga

Blake Thompson




Not Friends


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