Shikoba wiki
Name: Shikoba
Demon (Kilifi Eda)
Partner: Yuriko Sato
Element: Earth
Age: 27
Birthday: xx. xx. 1988
Area of Origin: Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Reference: Deviantart

Shikobais a bonded earth demon currently a DEVIL research subject. He was captured for bonding at Facility 66 and is bonded to Yuriko Sato.


He's quite the quiet fellow, never speaking up first in a conversation. He can be hard to approach sometimes, but he's not as bad as he might seem right off the bat. Social situations and extensive talking is hard for him sometimes, never having had chances in his life to hold normal conversations. Due to the low number of his species, he's never really had friends and or colleagues actively around him.



Shikoba is part of a cold blooded reptile centuar species found in the Grand Canyon. After his egg was lain, he was abandoned as all newborns of their species were. After time passed, and his egg cracked Shikoba was born into the world. He was small, about the size of a medium sized dog. He was confused by this world, this empty parentless world. His felt alone, the warmth and kindness he felt in the dreams and thoughts while in his egg. It was cold. And dark. and lonely.

He leared quickly though, how to work this world. How to hunt. How to live. How to stay warm. It was nice. He'd never really seen anyone else like him though.. he'd seen humans sometimes, hikers, explorers, tourists.. but never approached them. He knew, in his genetic code, that humans hated his kind. He was always alone. But he didn't mind.

After years of surviving on his own and never seeing another like him - he got too close to the humans.. but these looked weird. They were dressed weird and - wait! They were after him! He doesn't remember much from that day.. nor does he really want to.


Year 1





Demon Form

Human Form


Yuriko Sato




Not Friends


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