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Name: Shiden
Demon (Species Name)
Partner: Cithara Sloan, previously Faris Delanie
Element: Electric
Age: 33
Birthday: xx. xx. 1982
Area of Origin: New York City, New York, USA
Reference: Deviantart

Shiden [She - Den] is a bonded electric demon who is currently a DEVIL research subject. He was formerly recruited to the DAMMED program and was previously bonded to Faris Delanie.

He is bonded to Cithara Sloan.


He's generally a happy person and pretty much always has a smirk or smile on his face. He always wants to find a way to be useful to others but is usually found bored when alone for a while. Acts very friendly to others but won't catch on to any sort of hints in a conversation without a blunt explanation usually provided by his partner.

He has a tendency to always want to prank someone but is never successful. His normal to-go prank is to just shock someone just strong enough to frizz their hair. Shiden, in his demon form, would always climb about on the walls and ceilings to hide and strike but in his current human form, can barely stay on a wall even with momentum in running.



Shiden was separated from the rest of his family and species in an incident very early in life, early for his species at least. This lead to his lack of knowledge in where he comes from and what is normal for his own species. Eventually he was found by some children that took him in secretly and would live by moving from child to child until old enough to venture on his own. Being a relatively young member of his species, he has a slow development and wasn't very intelligent. Eventually he would start living in various human's attics, always sticking close to electrical wiring. His pranks would eventually land him in a troubling event where he is caught.


Losing his demon form of a large rabbit-like creature, he cannot stick to the ceiling anymore, and can only stick to walls for a short time while running. His meeting of Faris was

Year 1



  • Electrogenesis: Sending paralyzing shocks into small areas with enough focus.
  • Static Cling: Magnetizing self to run on walls for short times.
  • Mobility with electricity i guess, such as long jumping.


  • Electrical Current Sensing: Feels electrical currents around him. (Not very useful.)


Demon Form

Human Form


Cithara Sloan

Faris Delanie

Human Partner




Not Friends


  • he does not understand personal space
  • what is personal space
  • he is the only one of his species
  • because he is too dumb to realize he got lost as a child
  • he was a very dumb child
  • he is derpityderp
  • zappyzappyzappy
  • One of his ears got cut in half and he did not notice the bleeding until after his human counterpart pointed it out.
  • yep.
  • Appears older due to human aging somehow, but mentally pretty young for his species.

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