Name: Samantha Jean Pindle
Partner: Iaduri de Caldura
Element: Fire
Age: 21 (deceased 2015)
Birthday: April 24th, 1993
Hometown: Vermont, USA
Reference: Deviantart

Samantha Jean Pindle was a bonded human formerly recruited to the DAMMED program who died on the Council's island. She was bonded to Iaduri de Caldura, a fire demon.

No longer available for ​RP purposes.


Samie's a bit of a child. She's scared of people and being judged. So she acts like she's five and keeps most people at arm's length. She trusts no one and fears what others can potentially do or say. She also tends to throw herself at a certain type of guy, once she's established an amount of potential between them..



Her father was the senator of Vermont. He had two boys, and when they were ten and eight, she was born. He didn't like her. When she turned ten, he shipped her off to his mother--a mean ass bitch who constantly called Samie a whore and an idiot.

Around fourteen, she got a boyfriend (sixteen at the time) who claimed he was a vampire. He taught her to hate herself and depend on his approval for everything, and eventually gang-raped her with his friends on campouts in the woods, which became a pretty consistant thing till she was about seventeen.

She then ran away to New York with this really nice guy who had picked her up after she'd been running away from her boyfriend and his friends in the woods. They got engaged, and then she found out she was pregnant. She was going to tell him, but then had a miscarriage. She blamed it on him because she was upset that he hadn't known at all because he was either at work or playing video games and "too busy" to listen when she wanted to talk to him.

She then ran away to the military where she finally found friends.


Year 1

She met Iad, and was generally happy. Her first time using her powers were frightening for her, but uneventful in the scheme of things.

Year 2

She was getting along more with her powers, started falling into a bout of depression. She met her best friend Liethell Rotolo on the Wilderness Expedition.

Year 3





Iaduri de Caldura


Rorrian Fenn

Kagaho Shindatsume

Cletus (current)


Liethell Rotolo (best friend)



Leon Sylph

Ruben Greene

Sibbi Casperson



Mable Jenson

Not Friends

Most everyone else


  • Samie has BPD, borderline personality disorder.
  • She also cannot drive a car.