Common Name: Rudra
Scientific Name: Locus leo
Element: Plant

Rudra are a species of plant demon found in forests near the Himalayas.

Mahesh is a rudra captured and bonded by DEVIL.


The name Rudra comes from the general belief that they are physical forms of Shiva; while "Rudra" itself is not one of his names, it is the name of a deity related to him, sometimes even said to be directly linked. The name is usually translated as "the roarer".

The scientific name, Locus leo, means "ground lion".


Rudras possess a thick and dense mane that usually varies in color from dark brown to reddish-brown, though individuals found living in the snow displayed a white fur. They have a strong bone-like structure on their faces that merges with their skin, therefore cannot be removed. Males exhibit two sets of horns, while females have only one, though in both sexes, the size and colors vary depending on how old the Rudra is. Since they are plant demons, patches of grass and other plants can grow among fur at their will, though they eventually whither and disappear, which leaves them with the green patches appearing and disappearing in different areas. Regarding their size, male adults are roughly the same size as a gaur bull, with females being usually one-third smaller than males. Rudras are mistakenly believed to bring rain, thanks to their loud and intense roar that, echoing between mountains, sounds a lot like distant thunder approaching. Lastly, all Rudras have a very distinctive trait: a third eye on their forehead, used to enhance their perception of space as they often have to chase prey in dense forests, even with their increased size.


Rudras are much like tigers when it comes to behavior. They are solitary demons and usually are able to live peacefully with animals and other demons who don't threaten their territory, though they have been shown to be very intolerant towards humans, chasing and eliminating them. Rudras usually establish very large territories, most of the time proportional to their own size and overlapping with others' territories, though they hardly ever get in fights, let alone kill others of their kind. They are generally very level-headed with their brethren, their "noble" nature allowing them to solve most of their issues by simply communicating, or at least doing so in the outside while trying to discourage their opponent in a game of influence. Only when that doesn't happen do the Rudras engage in violent fights, but they are generally a tolerant species towards animals and other demons.





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