The medal of Captains Zasha Belikov and Aitouxelle Itim D'Zwart

The Partner Medals Assignment was the first collaboration assignment for recruits of the Rookie rank. Each medal represent the bonded pair in some manner and splits into two halves that each partner would carry on their person. Embedded into the medal are crystals that amplify elemental powers.

The Assignment

"Task: Create a medal with your partner.
  • It must have meaning to the partnership.
  • It must have a crystal placed on it of the color of their element.
  • It must be able to separate into two pieces.
Write how the emblem represents your partnership, and who has what piece in your description. Also what each of you did on the piece together. Both partners may upload it if they wish, only one has to.
Tips: Some good ways to work together on designing the emblem are:
  • Give eachother sketches of possible ideas, decide on one and do compromising if need be.
  • Paint chat is a miracle for this assignment.
  • Chat about it."

Recruits were given about 2 or 4 months to do this assignment based on which round they were drafted with.

Medal Styles

There are different styles the medals the recruits have thought up. The categories are based on comparing each piece of the medal to the other half or their design intention.


These medals were designed with the intention of being worn in a certain way.

  • Winter Moon and Addule's MedalGo to
  • Kai Fujiwara and Alizéa Moreaux's MedalGo to
  • Cianan Willard and Argent Singh's MedalGo to
  • London Knight and Clearly Lathyrus's MedalGo to


These medals were designed to be perfectly symmetrical and represent the bond as a whole.

  • Cillian Bradley and Lars Collin's MedalGo to
  • Nehnna and Brooklyn Addison's MedalGo to
  • Dalton Brigby and Gereon Dunkle's MedalGo to


These medals were designed to almost show the bond as a whole while accentuating the differences between each pair.

  • Anelace and Makenna Simmon'sGo to
  • Flint Buxton and Lewis LaVoy's MedalGo to
  • Marco Roccini and Dex's MedalGo to
  • Jared Ward and Loki's MedalGo to


These medals were designed to be a unified design when placed together but the seperate parts are nothing alike.

  • Ruben Greene and Luvia Gwenginno's MedalGo to
  • Leon Sylph and Tsuyu Yoruno's MedalGo to
  • Bat Kirgiz and Vesper's MedalGo to