Omnomnom Humans was a roleplay event that took place on May 21, 2012. During this RP, a feast was arranged by the council members Xipili and Eztli for the former DAMMED recruits, who had just recently arrived at the island. Unknown to the ex-recruits, the meal was made with human meat.

The log of this RP can be found here.


Only a short time after their crash-landing onto the island of Barbara, the former recruits of DAMMED were invited to a feast hosted by the island's blood bending pair, Xipili and Eztli. The feast began at sundown, and guests filed into a clearing where tables had been set out and covered with plates of meat, both raw and cooked, and all sorts of locally grown fruits and vegetables. They were also offered glasses of wine or water to drink.

At first, the meal went smoothly. However, a few of the demons would soon begin to realize that the meat tasted familiar to them. Council members Lino and Carter who also attended the feast, made it known that Xipili and Eztli were both Aztecs. And that part of their diet consisted of non-Aztecs. In other words, they had served everyone human meat.

Naturally, the human recruits were sickened and upset to discover they had been eating other humans. Many of the demons stopped eating once the discovery was made-- but a few, like Flint Buxton and Bell, continued eating. 

A number of guests began to leave the feast after that. Meanwhile, Bell spoke with Lino and Carter and learned a few things about them and the other council members. They explained to her what the council was, and their reasons for living on such a remote isand. They wanted to be with other bonded pairs, and on the island they were safe from detection.

After Effects

This instilled a deep distrust for the council in many of the former recruits. Most especially, they directed their anger towards the hosts of the feast, Xipili and Eztli. 


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