Common Name: Mist Wanderer
Scientific Name: Caligo entitatem
Element: Holy

Mist Wanderer are a species of holy demon that are native to the wilderness of Yakutia, Siberia, especially during the winter, but can be found scattered over the world so long as a thick and opaque fog is present.

Roderick is a Mist Wanderer who was drafted into the DAMMED program.


Over the centuries, after countless reports of witnessing strange figures sometimes appear during the morning mist or having spotted a peculiar form lurking within the forest, the community gave a name to this curious creature, "Mist Wanderer". It has since become renown, though to experience a sighting firsthand these days is increasingly rare.

Caligo Entitatem, the binomial, is Latin. It roughly translates into "The Mist's Entity".


Mist Wanderers are incredibly diverse as far as appearance goes. In general, wisps (children) range from 3 - 5 ft. in stature, 80 - 140 lbs. As they mature, males can reach a staggering height of 9 ft., the shortest being 7 ft., weighing around 190 - 280 lbs. Females normally reach only 6 1/2 ft., 160 - 240 lbs. and are typically not much shorter or lighter than that but of course there are exceptions.

A few defining features of both genders are having elongated limbs in comparison with a short torso, particularly the arms, their craniums taking on an abnormal shape as in being noticeably narrow, and fingers and toes are conjoined rather than apart and separate. Females, however, are not born with, nor can they ever acquire a tail. The tail strictly belongs to a male (although some don't have one), is a foot shorter, and tends to be independent, often acting on its own without consent of its owner. Once could probably say that it reveals what is unspoken.

A Wanderer's coloration is always monochromatic, never diverging and limited to a random selection of gray, white, and black. It is highly uncommon, but there have been instances where a Wanderer is entirely one specific pigment; this is very likely a genetic mutation and can be inherited.

From first glance, a Wanderer gives the impression that he has been built because his entire structure appears to consist solely of mechanical parts. In a way, that's exactly what it was supposed to be. Evolving from a simple combination of membrane and bone, it is presumed that somewhere along their existence and travels they came across and discovered the practicality of metal before man and slowly adapted based off it. It's easily mistaken, but a Wanderer's form is merely very solid bone, which can be damaged with enough force, that covers and protects stiff, thick membrane that oozes foul blood when penetrated.

As genetalia is completely absent, there is no true discernible difference between a male and a female.




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