Bell Tea Label

Tea is delicious and blends are fun to make. Several people have made tea blends on Adagio.

List of Teas

Bell Tea - This is a nutty, earthy tea. Just like Bell. If only a tea could be cute.

Buck Tea - This is a peach tea. It's a fabulous summertime tea. It's amazing iced. It is not amazing electrified.

Cianan Tea - Berry and earthy and yum yum.

Cillian Tea - It tastes like warm hugs. It's a good wintertime tea.

Lewis Tea - It's berry delicious. See that? I made a pun. But really. It is tasty.

Rheine Tea - This tea tastes like mint ice cream. This tea tastes like mint ice cream. This tea. Tastes like. Mint. Ice cream. It is amazing.

Sibbi tea - It'll make ya' sparkle. WARNING: While drinking this tea, be wary of selling yourself into blood contracts with strange men.

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