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Leaving Base was a roleplay that took place on May 5, 2012. In this RP, the recruits of DAMMED were suddenly evacuated from the facility.

The logs of this RP can be found here.


One day at the base, Zasha Belikov made a sudden announcement: there was to be an immediate move of all recruits. He instructed them to pack and carry all of their important belongings, and to go to the front gate where they would be loaded into trucks.

At this time, most of the recruits did not know what was happening. They packed their possessions quickly and headed for the gates, where they were loaded into the trucks that were waiting for them. The head gaurds, Shamira Barker and Otis Maelstrom, then drove the trucks off towards the nearest town.

The ride over was filled with much fear and speculation among the recruits. They were being herded like cattle, but to where? Many feared they were being taken off to war, or worse, to be killed.

When they finally reached their destination, the recruits would find that it was a pier with a large military ship waiting just for them. Shamira led the group inside, where the males and females were then sorted into seperate rooms. As the recruits settled into these rooms, the ship began moving. Where its destination would be, they didn't know. Only Donni Net and Zasha were left to watch the ship leave the pier. 

After Effects

  • The fear and anxiety surrounding this entire event set the tone for the boat ride that seceded it.
  • This event marked the ending of the DAMMED program, as the recruits were being transported to Facility 66 for experimenting.
  • This event heralded the end of the First Arc.


  • This was the last time Donni Net was seen alive.

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