Name: Jiao Long (Jo Lee, Fuckin' Jo)
Partner: Mao or Mei I don't
Element: Plant
Age: 3614
Birthday: xx.xx.1600 BC
Area of Origin: China
Reference: Deviantart

Jiao Long, otherwise known as Jo Lee or, more commonly, Fuckin' Jo, is a bonded human formerly recruited to the DAMMED program.

He is bonded to Mao, a plant demon.


Arrogant motherfucker. Shady as fuq. That sums him up pretty well.


Most of his past is unknown.

He worked as a mercenary in China a few thousand years ago, and was regarded highly for his prowess. However, one of his enemies attempted to murder him using demon blood. The blood used was that of Mao, a young demon captured by his would-be murderers. Jo sought vengence on them and dicovered bot them and her, where they found their bond.

He was regarded as a god-like figure in his home country and helped to augment good relations between humans and demons. However he disappeared during the advent of European expansion into East Asia, after which demon/human relations again soured. All traces of him disappeared save for his journals. These journals were the first and thus far only historical insight into the existence and life of the bonded; he described the experience as "being whole".

He appeared at the DAMMED base early into its first year, already bonded. He claimed to have recently been accidentally bonded and the program took him in, though Zasha Belikov and many of the higher-ups were suspicious. He remained a cryptic motherfucker in the program until its end.

When the recruits were shipped off to Facility 66, he was aware of Zasha's plans to save the recruits but felt it lacked a certain something. So he jumped off the ship mid-voyage. Those who knew assumed he'd abandoned them but in reality he went to speak with the island's council and advocate for them to take in the recruits.

Once he won over the council, he disappeared again before the recruits appeared on the island but reappeared a few months later on the island. He still appears to be there working on his own agenda.



  • Botanokinesis
  • Palyokinesis: Controls pollen/poison.
  • Flora Communication: Can talk to trees.
  • Plant Creation: Can make new kinds of plants.
  • Camouflage: Camouflage abilities using plants.


  • Plant Aroma: Always smells like flowers





Gereon Dunkle: Former lover. Unknown.


Everyone. Everyone.




Everyone. Everyone.

Not Friends

Xipili: Unknown.


  • Oldest mofo in the land