Name: Jasper
Demon (Species)
Partner: Bruno
Element: Earth
Age: 191
Birthday: xx. xx. 1823
Area of Origin: Australia

Jasper is a bonded earth demon and member of the island Council. He is bonded to Bruno.

No longer available for RP purposes.


A curious and very gentlemanly individual with a huge appetite. He's fascinated by many things and likes to learn. Also, he is a cutie pie sweetheart. It's very rare for him to get angry. If he tries to eat you it is probably nothing personal, he's just hungry. 



A beautiful beginning

As a pup, he was left on his own, as is normal for his species. He wandered around certain areas, constantly eating anything he could get his claws on whether it be animal or minerals. Unfortunately, this caused many problems for the local miners.

At some point when he was older, he tried to eat a miner named Bruno. Bruno retaliated by hitting him on the head with a pick. His blood got on Bruno's food, which the human ate, and they were then bonded. Bruno found him naked and unconcious in his human form, not knowing he was the demon he had fought. He took Jasper in.

When Jasper regained conciousness, he was frightened and confused. He stayed with Bruno, keeping it a secret that he was a demon. The two grew closer without Bruno knowing their true relationship. However, one day a tunnel almost caved in on Bruno and Jasper saved him, which revealed his powers. When Bruno realized the truth, they grew even closer together.

Ever since then they've been by each other's side. And like the others, they were found by Xipili or Eztli and brought to the island.



  • Stone Manipulation
  • Metal Manipulation


  • Seismic Sensing


Demon Form

Shark-like. Covered in a hard rock shell. Super duper sense of smell.

Human Form

Short, large hands, big nose. Still got a great sniffer.



Possibly the closest pair out of all the pairs in existance. They're the only ones known to commonly practice melding (fusing together). They have no secrets from each other, and they sometimes forget that they're not the other.




Samantha Jean PindleCillian BradleyLewis LaVoy

Not Friends


  • Has terrible eyesight, but a powerful sense of smell
  • Bowties are cool