Name: Issac Tiu
Age: 32
Birthday: October 27th, 1981
Hometown: Kuantan, Malaysia
Reference: Deviantart

Issac Tiu / Tiu Liang (Born October 27 in Kuantan, Malaysia) is an unbonded human employed by Facility 66.


Kind of an idiot, really, but very keen on demons. Super keen on demons. Obsessed with demons, in fact. He's super keen on just about everything else, too. He doesn't have much of an internal filter and, when around people, he rarely shuts up. After years of chasing and getting chased by demons, he's very nearly fearless too.


He grew up on the outskirts of Kuantan, but frequent trips to the city's park and annual visits to his extended family's rural homes kickstarted his interest in nature. He developed a fondness for hiking and camping and, later, photography. One day, he managed to snap a picture of a pair of demons fighting, and found himself captivated with the creatures.

He launched himself into researching everything about them, and found himself drawn to the subject of demon ecology. He continued his studies to a tertiary level and soon found employment at Facility 66, doing field research. This found him in various parts of the world for months on end, studying demons in their natural habitat and attempting to conduct population counts on different species. He was on one such trip when Justus Friedmann took over the running of DEVIL and fired a chunk of the staff. However, it wasn't until later that Issac was unexpectedly promoted to department head when his boss keeled over after an ill-advised accident with an earth demon.

He wasn't particularly pleased with the promotion, since it would severely curtail his time trekking out in the wilderness, but there weren't many others left to take up the position after Justus's purge and he needed the money anyway. He managed to squeeze away for one last, long trip at the start of 2015, and returned to find a horde of bonded humans and demons in an otherwise deserted facility.





Not Friends

  • Everyone will be his friend.


  • Of Malay and Chinese descent.
  • Speaks Malay, Cantonese, Japanese and English fluently.
  • Studied at UC Davis and Cornell University.
  • Despite being heavily tattooed, he is afraid of needles.

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