Common Name: Heihu
Scientific Name: panthera tigris fulmine
Element: Electric

Heihu are a species of electric demon that are mainly found in South Asia. Gereon Dunkle is a heihu who was recruited to the DAMMED program .


Fulmine comes from French fulminer, from Latin fulminō (“lighten, illuminate”). More at fulminate.

The name heihu has no known origin, but it might have come from the Japanese word heihō.


heihō (hiragana へいほう)

  1. 平方: (mathematics) The second power of a number etc.; square
  2. 兵法: (military) strategy
  3. 弊方: (archaic) me, mine
  4. 兵鋒: (military) advance of an army; point of a sword
  5. 閉包: (mathematics) closure


A large black tiger with bright yellow stripes, the general anatomy is the same as a mix between a panther and a tiger. Its eyes glow, and there is a line along its spine that sends off small sparks constantly to get rid of some of the excess electricity they produce.




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