F66 Field Trip was a roleplay event that took place on July 13th, 2013. In it, the bonded had their first experience outside of the Facility 66 compound since their arrival at the facility, and were informed of impending plans to use them as researchers.

There is no available log of this RP.


Director Justus Friedmann arrived in the recreational area of the bonded's compound on Facility 66 and began to address the group. He stated that those who wished had the option of going on a brief outing to one of DEVIL's nearby islands, where lesser demons were kept and studied. Many bonded jumped at the chance to go somewhere, and en route the director informed the group that he wished to address them on a separate matter once they arrived.

Once there, he began to talk to the less-than-receptive group about how and why the DAMMED program had been shut down, how the bonded had been found on the demon island, and what he wished to do now. Friedmann expressed the desire to train and use the bonded as researchers, placing them in teams that would allow them to work off of one another's strengths, and said that this would only take place if they were willing.

After his address was over, the director allowed the bonded to go off and do what they wanted until they were recalled to go.

After Effects

  • Accelerated training and testing of many of the bonded began following the announcement.
  • Teams, an idea not explored since the Junior Wilderness Expedition, were brought up again to be a major feature of the bonded's operation.
  • The RP introduced the knowledge of DEVIL's demon reserves, where lesser demons are kept and studied in a more natural environment.


  • Once Justus finished talking it took all of 10 minutes for them to go tribal and strip.

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