Name: Eztli
Partner: Xipili
Element: Blood (Water)
Age: 564 (approximately)
Birthday: xx. xx. 1451
Hometown: Central America (Aztec Empire)
Reference: Deviantart stash

Eztli is a bonded human, previous member of the island Council, and current DEVIL research subject. He is bonded to Xipili.


He takes on a different personality around Xipili, to whom he's devoted and dutiful. He is obediant and submissive to him, acting as a servant. When not around Zee, he is cheerful and easy-going and friendly. Has attempted to make friends, but he has had difficulties due to people's distrust of Zee.



Zee and Eztli right before bonding

Born into the Aztec Empire as an average young man. He, like many other young men, became a warrior. Because he was able to take in four captives, he became an eagle warrior, which was a more elite sect of Aztec warriors.

At the height of his military career, he was chosen by the local deity as a sacrifice. He drank Zee's blood as part of the ritual, but instead of dying, the two became bonded.

They stayed among the Aztec for quite some time, and over the years they worked together to kill any other blood demons they happened to come across. Eventually, though, they left the Aztec Empire, and they came across the island of Barbara. Once there he began to train birds to find bonded people, and he and Xipili began to gather other bonded pairs to the island, forming the council.



  • Blood Manipulation
    • Corporeal Manipulation
  • Hair whip


  • Blood Sensing: Senses all creatures with blood.
  • Bond Sensing: Senses the bond capability between a human and a demon as a magnetic pull or a string attaching a human and demon.
  • Corn telepathy



Sees him as lord and master, god of all things.


Sibbi Caspersen: He didn't think Sibbi was that stupid, but he was surprised. And he took advantage of that. He ended up falling for how sappy Sibbi is. Now boifran. ( "Mine" - Eztli ) 




Not Friends

  • Gereon Dunkle: He wants to kick him in the balls. He will go to Xibalba if he touches Sibbi again.
  • Fuckin' Jo: He doesn't like him, mostly because he bothers Zee. 
  • Bell: She doesn't know her place. Thinks she's useless and she doesn't know how to handle Sibbi. AND SHE KILLED HIS BIIIIIIIRD. Hates her.
  • Winter Moon: Bitch threw wine on him.

That One Guy

Dalton Brigsby: Frenemies. He doesn't like him, but he likes him. He can get irritated by him, but at the same time he can't hate him. 


  • He's not short, he's funsized
  • Theme song
  • Has been separated from his partner at Facility 66 because Zee is cray.
  • Is a handy fella, passes the time by crafting things
  • Enjoys sports!
  • Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. CORN.
  • "Min kjærlighet~" - Sibbi