Common Name: El'enhra
Scientific Name:
Element: Electric

El'enhra are a species of electric demon found in thunderstorm climate such as Canada and Florida.

Smiles is an el'enhra captured and bonded by DEVIL.


El'enhra have no lips. They communicate via a language consisting of a series of clicks (from their teeth, their tongue) and cricket-like sounds. They may also communicate by scratching their horns, or rubbing them against another El'enhra's horn - though that is considered a sign of weakness, as it is affectionate at points, and is mostly a dead language (think Latin for us humans - some people know it, but most don't).

The El'enhran language consists mostly of consonants, though there are some a vowels, and most words are blunt and rough. The most affectionate phrase they have in their language is "I do not wish to see you harmed". It is said only by alphas when they "give up" their position - i.e., when a new El'enhra dominates and kills them to become the alpha. It is affectionate, but it is also extremely humiliating. They only say it, basically, when they die, as a final act of submission.


El'enhra are cruel. There is no way around that simple fact.


El'enhra do not love; they mate when the alpha dictates so. Children are born out of necessity for hunters and to keep the pack at a steady number of bodies.  They do not need weak children though - the moment the child is able to walk on its own, it is pitted against its siblings. If the sibling dominates, the weaker child receives the least amount of food. Many have starved to death.

If a child manages to survive to adulthood, it is much more detached from, well, attachment. They harbor no affection for their siblings or parents - they are just opposition and competition for food and power - and they are under the impression that having relationships is a form of weakness. They coexist in large numbers, and that is all.

So El'enhra are violent. They are cruel and they are aggressive. They would die before submitting, and they will only submit when they die or are threatened with death. They are unpleasant.

It is a society that functions on power, and on the abuse of it. Punishment is harsh, and reward is thin and far between. It is a brutal tribe, but some, like Cithy, find it fascinating.

For a more in-depth description of the El'enhra, Smiles is more than happy to discuss his culture and religion. He can be reached if your character has any questions.



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