Name: Dayanara Torres
Partner: Mistral
Element: Wind
Age: 628
Birthday: xx. xx. 1388
Hometown: Spain

Dayanara "Day" Torres (Born in the late 14th in Spain) is a bonded human and member of the island Council. She is bonded to Mistral, a wind demon.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Childish, excitable and very perverted. She is a care-free spirit and she lives life at her own pace.



Day prior to bonding

Born into a wealthy family in Spain, she was brought up as a proper young lady. She was promised to the son of another wealthy family, and she accepted this as her responsibility. However, her husband fell in love with another woman. This became problematic when he tried to poison Day in order to collect her dowry and be with the woman he loved.

Unfortunately, he was a doofus and his plan did not work. He had tried to poison her with demon blood, but she did not die. Instead, she became bonded to Mistral, who at the time was sick with a mutation of the black plague. 

When she realized that her husband had tried to kill her, she ran away. She began to figure out her powers and she and Mistral found each other. They became friends rather quickly and began to travel the world, settling into a nomadic lifestyle together.

Eventually, one of the blood pair found and invited them to live on the island.



  • Aerogenesis
  • Wind Current Manipulation
  • Sound Manipulation
  • Flight


  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Wind Current Sensing



They are BFFs forever. Desu desu kawaii.


  • Everyone. Everyone.
  • Bruno: Ex. They got together sometime after he came to the island, but they broke up because of his relationship towards Jasper. Their relationship was also strained due to her mistrust towards men. Her feelings towards him now are complicated.


  • Cillian Bradley: She helps him sleep with sound wave therapy. She's also trying to get into his pants. (on friendly terms)
  • Gisele Delacroix: They occasionally have girl talk, but it is rare. And Day does not always understand her.



Not Friends

  • Xipili: She doesn't hate Zee, however she often has to try to save the demons that he tries to kill.


  • Is the destined ruler of the Earth
  • Third oldest person on the island (by bond)
  • Treats all the boys on the council like they're her brothers