Tumblr is a great site to easily share thoughts and pictures. Below are the DAMMED themed blogs that can be found there.


FYeahDAMMED is general blog used to submit or reblog art from members as well as give periodic updates to members about new blogs, events, or other club related shenanigans.

Confession Blog

The DAMMED Confessions blog is an anonymously-run blog that began in October 2012 to allow members to air out opinions they might have felt uncomfortable discussing with others or felt they might have been critcized for.

The blog was both divisive and popular from its onset, generating over a hundred posts in less than three days, and is still running.

Ask Blogs

Addule and Winter Moon Tamashevska


Ambrose Crowley

Bat Kirgiz and Vesper Nyx




Cianan Willard

Cillian Bradley

Clearly Lathyrus

Daisy May Primrose

Dalton Brigsby and Gereon Dunkle

Flint Buxton and Jenner

Gereon Dunkle

Harlan Felidae 

Island Council

Kagaho Shindatsume

Kai Fujiwara

Lars Collins

Leon Sylph

Lewis LaVoy 

Mable Jenson 


Otis Maelstrom


Severino D'avanti

Sibbi Caspersen

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