Common Name: Cockatrice
Scientific Name:
Element: Earth

The cockatrice [kok'-a-tris] is a species of lesser earth demon . Its original location and the spread of its species is unknown (though presumably it is Greek), but samples of the species exist on the Council's island. It is otherwise known as "the burd".


The species' name appears to be derived from the Latin calcatrix, from calcare ("to tread"). Calcatrix itself is a translation of the Greek ichneumon, from ichnos, meaning "track" or "footstep". Alternately, its name is also theorized to be the medieval corruption of the word "crocodile".


A small bird-like demon with a yellow body, green wings and russet plumage around its eyes, neck and tail. It has a yellow head crest similar to that of a cockatoo and green scales around its neck. Its large, slightly hooked beak and zygodactyl claws make it well-suited for climbing. It is not capable of flying far.


The cockatrice found on the island are aggressive and territorial or at least appear to be. They communicate via hisses and squawks and attempt to scare off others from their territory.

When startled, they create an exact stone replica of whatever scared them and fly away while the target is confused. This ability is the origin of myths and legends painting cockatrice as a fearsome creature that could turn its victims to stone. This has also led to much confusion among the recruits when they do not realize that they are not looking at statues of their comrades.