Name: Carmen Alba García Moreno
Age: 32
Birthday: 28 May, 1982
Hometown: Manú, Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador
Reference: Deviantart

Carmen Alba García Moreno is an unbonded human formerly employed as a guard.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Highly critical and not afraid to voice what she thinks. She's a fairly no-nonsense person and loves breaking out her sarcasm on anyone she thinks is dumb. She has a strong sense of duty and will help anyone who needs her aid. She is fiercely protective of her comrades and those in her charge. She's also pretty vain but is willing to shove it aside when it's impractical.



She was born into a small rural town in southern Ecuador. Her family had a history in demon hunting and the black market in demons and their various body parts. Though many frowned upon it, she followed her father and uncle into the demon hunting trade and became a mercenary hired to capture or kill demons.

She eventually got a more solid job as part of a UN task force dealing with demons. One day Carmen was assigned a job transporting the members of the defunct DAMMED program to Facility 66. And then the boat sank.


Has remained with the rest of the guards.



  • Robin Meridian: Funny guy. Sometimes wants to knee him in the balls for all the flirting.



Not Friends

  • Aaaall the demons


  • Her vanity mostly shows through in her hair, which is always clean and tightly dreaded.

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