Common Name: Blue Gremlin
Scientific Name: Fulgur cornua
Element: Electric

Blue gremlins are a species of electric demon found in any area with high powered computers and power generators.


Both Fulgur and Cornua are Latin words, translating to Lightning and Horn.

Blue Gremlin was a nickname given by a group of workers who happened upon one of them in a power plant. It is based purely on their almost gargoyle-like appearance


A large bright blue humanoid creature with blackened tips on the horns, fingers, toes, and tail barbs. The body resembles that of a gargoyle as they remain crouched most times. The arms and legs are approximately the same length, and the tail is close to the length of the body minus the horns in the case of some. Between the horns and tail barb a current strong enough to stop a human's heart if one should come in contact with it. This current runs through the entire body endlessly, but is only felt at the blackened areas of the body, sometimes weak enough to be just barely a tickle, but if focused on can be made to kill.

They have a consistent length of and height of approximately 12 ft including horns.

The male and females of the species look for the most part the same, except for the tails of the females have larger barbs so as to protect their young.

The horns of the Gremlins can differ in shape slightly, curving outward or inward and sometimes even having a slight curl to them.


The Blue Gremlins are known to be quite mischievous, corrupting computer files and sometimes shutting down entire power grids. But they never aim to truly hurt, and are