Atlas wiki
Name: Atlas Zabat
Head of Genetics
Age: 37
Birthday: 7th of June, 1979
Hometown: London, England, United Kingdom
Reference: Deviantart

Atlas Zabat (Born 7th of June, 1979 in London, England, United Kingdom) is an unbonded human employed by Facility 66.


The man is smug, egotistical and unpredictable. He was full of himself as he went through school to get his degree, and even now, still believes he's smarter than those around him. He's got a nice side, but it's hard to see past his ego, and sometimes it's believed it doesn't exist at all. It's hard to see a more human side of him unless you get close, and only those who have gotten close in the past know more than what is seen upfront.


Atlas was born in the London, England, exposed to the bustling world early on being born in the most populous city within the United Kingdom. Neither of his parents worked with or around demons or demon technology of any sort, but as he went through school learning of that part of the world- he was intriguied. When he graduated secondary school, he immediately applied to Cambridge University, one of the few schools in the UK that offered a degree in Genetics.

Atlas learned he wanted to study genetics after learning just a bit of it in his secondary science courses, and during his time within Cambridge, he met his best friend, Cassanova Phillip. The two of them shared a pre-req course early on, and Atlas didn't leave the man alone. Soon they became dorm mates, and continued as friends up until Atlas graduated and was hired by DEVIL, soon to arrive at Facility 66.




Issac Tiu , Hollis Oleander , Justus Friedmann , Sophie Butler , Dodge Martinez


Not Friends


  • He snapchats his best friend Nova. a lot. takes selfies with the subjects.
  • He's got the biggest ego if you attack it he attacks you.
  • He doens't know what personal space is
  • He's got an english accent heLLY EAHYeaUEAH

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