April Fool's Day 2012 was an event that took place on
(spoilers) April Fool's
Shadoe sprklz by double aa 202-d4uu9nb
Day 2012. 

The roleplay can be found on scribd.


Originally, there wasn't a plan for April Fool's day thing planned for DAMMED. There were ideas tossed around but none stood out until Inu  suggested that sue characters should be made for it. Aimee and Sunny jumped right on that and took in suggestions on making the perfect Mary Sue characters. 

From there, dummy accounts on deviantart were created with the apps uploaded to them then submitted to the draft list which at the time was almost ready to be closed to accept new members. Then a journal was posted announcing that there would be two new captains of DAMMED. They were the sues.

In the chatrooms, the dummy accounts were promoted and then they started rping...


It was horrible. Oh my god.

After Effects

  • Nothing. It wasn't canon.


  • Many people won that night
  • The term "death cupboard" was coined after this rp
  • The term "caek suup" was also coined

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