Name: Amber Saynsburry
Head of Psychology
Age: 33
Birthday: December 10, 1982
Hometown: Brest, Brittany, France
Reference: Deviantart

Amber Saynsburry (Born December 10, 1982 in Brittany, France) is an unbonded human employed by Facility 66.

No longer available for RP purposes.


Amber is a very driven individual who strives for personal perfection. She satisfies her own high standards and curiosity rather than comply to anyone else's, and becomes disgusted when she is unable to do so. Her lack of patience for her own inadequacies can bleed over into a lack of patience in general with others.

She's very open with others but can appear quite empathetic and interested. When she allows herself to become genuinely interested in another's well-being, she's a staunch ally and a great person to have in your corner.


Amber was born to a British father and French mother and spent a significant amount of time in both her home countries, as well as several others. Her parents were nouveau riche who'd made a fortune off of Anti-Demon Technology; while her father was an engineer and researcher, her mother was more an entrepreneur who pushed him to market and sell the technology to various governments and highly wealthy individuals.

From a young age, Amber was more than just aware of demons; she was actively engaged with them due to her father's work and at one point even owned a few lesser demons as pets. This is what sparked her initial interest in demons and also jaded her to their elemental powers. Rather than figuring out what demons can do, she was interested in what made them tick. She was well aware that greater demons at least were just as, if not more, intelligent than humans, but knew that they also viewed the world in a radically different manner.

Her early start with demons allowed her to pursue a wide variety of studies before eventually settling on psychology. Shortly after she finished her studies, she was approached by a representative from the elusive DEVIL organization and became employed at one of their minor offshore branches. She was soon after transfered to Facility 66, but occupied a fairly minor position. Her finicky personality and almost obsessive interest allowed her to rise quickly through the ranks and when Justus Friedmann fired several of her senior colleagues due to The Shipwreck, she was the one he selected to promote to head of the tiny department.





Not Friends


  • Does not, in fact, really do clinical psychology or therapy. Her forte is research.
  • Her mother tongues are French and English. She is fluent in German and Latin, can passably speak Japanese.

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