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DAMMED is notoriously derpy so when someone at DAMMED does something that takes incredible talent or skill or courage, we like to recognized them; however, all of this is relative to the people within DAMMED and not to the outside world.

With that said, take your gold star (Everyone gets one. Or several) and enjoy the achievements that certain recruits have earned.

  • Achievement Unlocked: SAFE (???)
  • Achievement Unlocked: BONERS AND CONQUEST
  • Achievement Unlocked: NOT CRAZY!
  • Achievement Unlocked: I CUN SPLEL!
  • Achievement Unlocked: Fatty, Fatty 2x4

An additional achievement that is judged based on a post-by-post basis is the Golden Context Award in which a post taken out of context could be read as coming off as sexual. Blood is the best at this. She always wins this award.